Elevate your decor with the enchanting Wreath Lavender Green Foliage Mix from Fervor & Hue. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this lavender wreath offers a delightful fusion of purple blooms and verdant foliage, creating a captivating centerpiece for your home.

Key Features:

  1. Natural Elegance: Infuse your space with the timeless beauty of lavender and green foliage. This wreath combines lifelike purple blooms with lush greenery, evoking the serene charm of a countryside garden.
  2. Versatile Design: Whether adorning your front door, mantel, or dining table, this wreath adds a touch of rustic elegance to any space. Its versatile design complements a variety of decor styles, from farmhouse chic to classic elegance.
  3. Handcrafted Quality: Each element of this wreath is carefully handcrafted to ensure authenticity and beauty. From the intricate lavender blooms to the realistic green foliage, every detail reflects the artistry of skilled craftsmen.
  4. Lasting Beauty: Made from high-quality materials, including durable plastic and fabric, this wreath offers long-lasting beauty that requires minimal maintenance. Enjoy the charm of lavender year-round without worrying about wilting or fading.
  5. Easy Display: With a compact size of 35cm, this wreath is easy to display in any room of your home. Simply hang it on your door using the attached loop, or lay it flat as a stunning centerpiece on your table.

Transform your space with the timeless allure of the Wreath Lavender Green Foliage Mix from Fervor & Hue. Whether used as a welcoming accent or a focal point in your decor, this exquisite wreath adds a touch of natural elegance to any setting.

All of the furniture that we provide, is delivered in flat packed boxes ready for home assembly by the customer.

Wreath Lavender Green Foliage Mix