Introducing the Suitcase Base with Flaps by Briody Beds, the innovative storage solution designed to keep your bedroom clutter-free and organized. Say goodbye to crowded closets and under-bed chaos – with the Suitcase Base, you’ll have a dedicated space for storing your suitcases and travel essentials.

Crafted with functionality and style in mind, the base features a unique design that provides ample space for conveniently storing your suitcases underneath your bed. No more struggling to find a place to stow your luggage – with the Suitcase Base, your suitcases will be neatly tucked away, leaving your bedroom looking tidy and spacious.

Designed for practicality, the base offers additional storage space underneath, allowing you to keep other items such as spare bedding, shoes, or seasonal clothing neatly organized and out of sight.

Available in a choice of 27 luxury fabrics, you can customize the base to complement your bedroom decor seamlessly. Whether you prefer classic neutrals, bold statement colours, or elegant patterns, there’s a fabric option to suit every style and preference, ensuring that your base blends seamlessly into your bedroom aesthetic.

Handcrafted with care in Ireland, the base is made to the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship. With its sturdy construction and thoughtful design, this unique storage option offers both functionality and elegance, making it the perfect addition to any bedroom space.

Transform your bedroom into a clutter-free oasis with the Suitcase Base with Flaps from Briody Beds. Made in Ireland and designed to enhance both style and storage, this innovative solution ensures that your bedroom remains tidy, organized, and effortlessly chic.

All of the furniture that we provide, is delivered in flat packed boxes ready for home assembly by the customer.

Suitcase Base with Flaps