Introducing the Polished Chrome 9mm Zig Zag profile – a versatile and widely utilized solution for seamlessly connecting and safeguarding different floor types, all while maintaining an enduring and attractive appearance. Designed with precision, this profile offers a range of applications that ensure a clean transition and long-lasting protection for your flooring.

Versatile Elegance: The 9mm Zig Zag Profile is a go-to choice when you require a polished transition between various flooring materials, such as laminate, tiles, hard flooring, and carpet installations. Whether you’re a homeowner improving your living space or a flooring professional looking for a reliable and attractive solution, this profile delivers the versatility you need.

Smooth Transition: This profile ensures a neat and tidy transition, eliminating unsightly gaps or uneven edges between different flooring surfaces. It not only enhances the aesthetics of your space but also provides a layer of protection, preventing wear and tear along the edges of your flooring materials.

Precise Fit: To achieve the perfect fit, the top of the 9mm Zig Zag Profile should be lightly dressed down using a rubber mallet after installation. This ensures a flush and seamless connection between the different floor levels, creating an unobtrusive and visually appealing border.

Customization Option: For situations where a carpet-to-carpet connection is needed, this profile offers a unique feature. The teeth, which are typically designed to hold a carpet in place, can be pressed down to create a smooth and seamless transition, even if you do not require a carpet-to-hard flooring connection. This adaptability adds to the profile’s utility and flexibility.

The 9mm Zig Zag Profile simplifies the process of enhancing the appearance and durability of your flooring, regardless of the materials involved. It’s an essential tool for maintaining the integrity and aesthetic appeal of your living or working spaces.

Elevate the aesthetics and functionality of your interior spaces with this reliable and versatile flooring accessory. Make a statement with the Polished Chrome 9mm Zig Zag Profile – where versatility meets durability for a polished and seamless transition between different types of flooring materials.

All of the furniture that we provide, is delivered in flat packed boxes ready for home assembly by the customer.

Polished Chrome 9mm Zig Zag

900ml in length (please note other colour profiles and lengths available upon request)