Introducing the 1669 Miabella Geese Doormat – where innovation meets elegance, and quality is a tradition. Our Miabella Range is a true embodiment of PSW’s commitment to superior quality and sustainability, and it’s designed to transform your living spaces with style and comfort. Let’s delve into the details of what makes these rugs and runners stand out.

Non-Slip Assurance: Tired of rugs and runners that slide and create hazards in your home? The Miabella Range comes with a built-in non-slip backing, ensuring that your rug or runner stays securely in place. Say goodbye to constant readjustments and hello to safety and peace of mind.

Luxurious Wear Layer: Crafted with a wear layer made of 100% polyamide, these rugs and runners are not only stunning but also incredibly durable. Polyamide is known for its exceptional resistance to wear and tear, making your investment in Miabella a long-lasting one.

Perfect Pile Height: With a plush pile height of 7mm, these rugs and runners strike the perfect balance between comfort and practicality. The pile provides a soft, luxurious feel underfoot, making it ideal for lounging, playing, or simply adding a touch of opulence to your living spaces.

Easy Care and Maintenance: Life gets messy, but with Miabella, cleaning is a breeze. These rugs and runners are washable at 30 degrees, ensuring that spills and stains are no match for your Miabella masterpiece. Enjoy the convenience of keeping your living areas pristine with minimal effort.

Phthalate-Free: PSW is committed to your health and the environment. That’s why the Miabella Range is proudly phthalate-free, ensuring that your family’s well-being is never compromised. Breathe easy and enjoy a clean, safe living space.

Versatile Mats for Every Living Area: Whether you’re sprucing up your living room, adding warmth to your bedroom, or transforming your hallway, the Miabella Range has the perfect size and design for every living area in your home. Choose from a variety of colours and patterns to match your unique style and décor.

Pleasantly Soft Feel: Experience true luxury every time you step onto a Miabella rug or runner. The pleasantly soft feel is an invitation to relaxation and comfort. It’s not just a rug; it’s an experience of sumptuousness underfoot.

PSW’s Renowned Quality: For years, PSW has been synonymous with top-tier quality and sustainability. The Miabella Range continues this tradition by offering you a product that not only enhances your home but also stands the test of time. When you choose Miabella, you choose excellence.

In summary, the 1669 Miabella Geese Doormat represents the pinnacle of quality and style. With its non-slip design, durable polyamide wear layer, easy maintenance, and commitment to safety and sustainability, these rugs and runners are more than just home furnishings – they are an investment in a more comfortable and beautiful living space. Bring the Miabella touch to your home and elevate your living experience.

All of the furniture that we provide, is delivered in flat packed boxes ready for home assembly by the customer.

Miabella Geese Doormat

 Sizes: 66 x 110cm