Elevate your home’s style and comfort with the Husky Washable Black Rug – the perfect combination of modern convenience and timeless design. This machine-washable shaggy scatter rug not only adds a touch of luxury to your space but also takes the hassle out of maintenance. With a non-slip backing for added safety and available in a stunning array of 20 colours and six versatile sizes, the Husky Washable Rug is your key to effortless elegance.

Revolutionize Your Space with Shaggy Luxury

Designed to provide an unparalleled sensory experience, the Husky Washable Rug features a sumptuously plush and deep shaggy pile that invites you to sink your feet into its softness. Each step becomes an indulgence, making it the perfect addition to your living room, bedroom, or any area where comfort and style meet. With this rug underfoot, your home becomes an oasis of warmth and relaxation.

Machine Washable for Effortless Maintenance

Tired of the constant worry of spills and stains? The Husky Washable Rug has you covered. Its innovative design allows for easy machine washing, making cleanup a breeze. Say goodbye to expensive dry cleaning bills and complicated maintenance routines. This rug is built to withstand the wear and tear of daily life, ensuring it remains fresh and vibrant with minimal effort.

Non-Slip Backing for Safety

Safety is paramount, and the Husky Washable Rug features a reliable non-slip backing, ensuring that it stays securely in place, even in high-traffic areas. You can confidently place it in your children’s playroom, your kitchen, or any location where stability is essential, without worrying about slips and trips.

Sizes for Every Space

Select from six versatile sizes to effortlessly fit any area:

  1. 50×80 cm (1’8″ x 2’8″)
  2. 66×120 cm (2’2″ x 3’11”)
  3. 80×150 cm (2’8″ x 4’11”)
  4. 100×160 cm (3’3″ x 5’3″)
  5. 100×100 cm (3’3″ – Circular)
  6. 133×133 cm (4’4″ – Circular)

The range of sizes allows you to find the perfect fit for any room, whether it’s a cozy reading nook or a spacious living area.

Why Choose the Husky Washable Rug?

  • Unmatched comfort with a deep shaggy pile.
  • Machine washable design for effortless maintenance.
  • Non-slip backing ensures safety in high-traffic areas.
  • A broad spectrum of 20 colours to suit your decor.
  • Versatile size options for any room.

Upgrade your home with the Husky Washable Black Rug and experience the epitome of modern convenience and timeless elegance. With its luxurious texture, easy maintenance, and stunning colour options, this rug is more than a floor covering; it’s a lifestyle choice that brings both comfort and style to your space.

All of the furniture that we provide, is delivered in flat packed boxes ready for home assembly by the customer.

Husky Washable Black