Ultimate Expressions

  • Width: 2/3/4m
  • Thickness: 3mm
  • Slip resistance: R10
  • Warranty: 10 years
  • Options


    Introducing the Ultimate Expressions Collection from Avenue Flooring, a versatile and stylish range that brings the very best on-trend looks to your home. With its exceptional performance and eye-catching designs, this collection is designed to elevate your space with a touch of contemporary elegance.

    Available in 2, 3, and 4-meter widths, the Ultimate Expressions Collection offers flexibility to suit rooms of various sizes. Whether you’re refreshing a cozy bedroom or revamping a spacious living area, these cushion floors are tailored to meet your specific requirements and provide a seamless and visually stunning result.

    Equipped with the Superguard low maintenance technology, the Ultimate Expressions Collection ensures your floor receives exceptional protection against scuffs and marks caused by everyday use. From shoes and buggies to playful pets, your floor will remain resilient and beautiful, even in high-traffic areas. The special polyurethane layer of Superguard floors not only provides an extra shield but also simplifies maintenance, allowing you to enjoy your beautiful flooring with ease.

    The Natural Look & Feel surface of the Ultimate Expressions Collection adds an authentic and textured look to your cushion floor. Whether you prefer the warmth of wood, the elegance of stone, or the allure of mineral-inspired designs, the embossed surface brings depth and texture to your space, enhancing its visual appeal and creating a welcoming atmosphere.

    Safety is paramount, which is why the Ultimate Expressions Collection features added slip resistance. This additional resistance to slips makes it an ideal choice for rooms where you may be barefoot, such as bathrooms, or in busy areas like kitchens. Move freely and confidently on your cushion floor, knowing that it provides an extra level of safety for you and your loved ones.

    To provide you with peace of mind, the Ultimate Expressions Collection comes with a 10-year wear warranty. This warranty is a testament to the collection’s durability and longevity, ensuring that your floor remains a stunning centerpiece in your home for years to come.

    Choose the Ultimate Expressions Collection from Avenue Flooring to bring the very best on-trend looks and exceptional performance to your home. Experience the versatility, Superguard low maintenance, added slip resistance, and Natural Look & Feel surface that will elevate your space to new levels of style and sophistication. Embrace contemporary elegance with this remarkable cushion flooring collection, backed by a 10-year wear warranty.


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