Tarasafe Ultra

  • Dense concentration of deep inlaid anti slip particles throughout the wear layer => Permanent slip performance R10
  • SparClean® surface treatment => easy maintenance
  • No carborundum => great to handle & cut
  • Mineral crystal particules => bright colour palette
  • 100% recyclable
  • Options


    Introducing Tarasafe Ultra, exceptional slip-resistant vinyl floorcoverings from Gerflor. These ranges feature a PVC wear layer and are innovatively designed with deeply inlaid mineral crystal particles and coloured chips (in the case of Tarasafe Ultra) to create an attractive and decorative design.

    Reinforced with a glass fibre grid in a convenient sheet form, Tarasafe Ultra and Tarasafe Geo are built to withstand heavy traffic applications. These floorcoverings excel in environments where enhanced slip resistance, durability, hygiene, and easy maintenance are essential. They are an ideal solution for a wide range of commercial and industrial areas, and come with a 12-year warranty, showcasing their long-lasting performance and reliability.

    Tarasafe Ultra and Tarasafe Geo are treated with SparClean® surface treatment, a cost-effective solution that ensures low maintenance and provides extreme resistance against soiling and staining. This treatment significantly reduces the effort required to keep the floorcoverings clean and looking their best.

    In addition to their practical benefits, this flooring range prioritises hygiene and safety. According to ISO 22196 standards, these floorcoverings exhibit an impressive 99% anti-bacterial activity against MRSA after 24 hours. This feature helps maintain a clean and healthy environment.

    Gerflor’s Tarasafe ranges are also committed to environmental standards. They do not contain any heavy metals or CMR 1&2 (Carcinogenic, Mutagenic, or Reproductive toxins), ensuring they are safe for use. The floorcoverings are 100% compliant with REACH regulations, which govern the use of chemicals in the European Union. Furthermore, they have a low emission rate of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) with levels below 100 µg/m3 after 28 days, as measured by ISO 16000-6. This contributes to better indoor air quality.

    Tarasafe Ultra and Tarasafe Geo are designed with sustainability in mind. They are 100% recyclable, offering a responsible flooring solution.

    Choose Ultra for slip resistance, durability, hygiene, and ease of maintenance. These floorcoverings not only provide a decorative design but also prioritise safety, environmental friendliness, and long-lasting performance. Experience the reliability and quality of Tarasafe Ultra and Tarasafe Geo from Gerflor.


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