Stronghold 30

  • Type of product: Roll
  • Thickness: 3mm
  • No. of colours: 14
  • Weight: 4.0kg/m²
  • Life expectancy: 25 years
  • Options


    Altro presents the Stronghold range, a high-performance flooring solution specifically designed to minimize the risk of slips and falls in wet and greasy conditions. With its exceptional slip resistance and durable construction, Altro Stronghold 30 ensures the safety of staff while providing long-lasting performance. Let’s explore the features and benefits that make Stronghold the ideal choice for commercial kitchens, food preparation and service areas, and other demanding environments where grease, oils, and fats are present.

    Unrivalled Slip Resistance: achieves Altro’s highest rating for slip resistance, with a Pendulum Test Value (PTV) of ≥55 and an R12 rating. This means it offers superior traction even in challenging wet and greasy conditions, significantly reducing the risk of slips and falls. By selecting Stronghold, you are making a proactive choice to prioritise the safety of your staff and visitors.

    Enhanced Durability: The range is engineered to withstand the demands of high-traffic areas. Designed to deliver long-term performance, Altro Stronghold 30 maintains its slip resistance properties throughout the lifetime of the flooring. Its robust construction ensures durability, making it suitable for commercial kitchens, canteens, food preparation and service areas, and other environments where grease, oils, and fats are present.

    Comfort and Fatigue Reduction: not only keeps staff safe but also prioritises their comfort. With its 3mm thickness, it provides excellent noise reduction and comfort underfoot, helping to reduce fatigue during long hours of standing and walking. By creating a more comfortable working environment, Stronghold enhances the well-being and productivity of your staff.

    Versatile Applications: The range is suitable for a variety of applications where slip resistance and durability are paramount. It is an excellent choice for commercial kitchens (not domestic), cold rooms, food preparation and service areas, sloping ramps, and kitchen stairs. Whether it’s a bustling restaurant kitchen or a busy food processing facility, Altro Stronghold 30 offers the reliability and safety needed to meet the rigorous demands of these environments.

    Peace of Mind: With Altro, you can have confidence in the quality and performance of Stronghold flooring. Backed by Altro’s reputation for excellence, Stronghold provides reliable and long-lasting slip resistance. By choosing Stronghold, you are investing in a flooring solution that promotes safety, durability, and peace of mind.

    Select Altro Stronghold for a flooring solution that prioritises safety in wet and greasy environments. With its exceptional slip resistance, durability, and comfort underfoot, Stronghold ensures the well-being of your staff while providing a reliable and long-lasting flooring option. Trust in Altro to create a safe and productive environment for your commercial kitchen or food service area.


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