Solid Cocoa

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    Experience the natural innovation of Marmoleum Solid Cocoa, a groundbreaking addition to our Marmoleum flooring collection. Embracing the principles of sustainable design, Marmoleum Cocoa takes a waste product from another industry and transforms it into a flooring solution that reduces waste, improves recycling, and contributes to a better environment.

    At the heart of Marmoleum Solid Cocoa is a unique blend of traditional Marmoleum ingredients and cocoa shells, resulting in a remarkable fusion of construction innovation and aesthetic appeal. By incorporating cocoa shells, we have created a truly exceptional surface texture that is both organic and contemporary, bringing a fresh and modern ambiance to any commercial space.

    The inclusion of cocoa in the flooring formulation introduces a rich granular look that adds depth and character to the surface. This distinctive texture not only enhances the visual appeal but also offers practical benefits. The granular composition of Marmoleum Solid Cocoa provides excellent dirt hiding properties, ensuring that the flooring maintains its clean and polished appearance even in high-traffic areas.

    In addition to its captivating aesthetics, Marmoleum Solid Cocoa exemplifies our commitment to sustainability. By repurposing cocoa shells as a key ingredient, we contribute to reducing waste and minimizing our environmental footprint. This innovative approach to flooring design demonstrates how collaboration between industries can lead to meaningful advancements in recycling and waste reduction, resulting in a better and more eco-friendly world.

    Beyond its sustainable attributes, Marmoleum Solid Cocoa boasts the renowned durability and performance of Marmoleum flooring. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this flooring solution is engineered to withstand the demands of commercial environments. It is highly resistant to scratches, scuffs, and wear, ensuring that it maintains its beauty and functionality even in high-traffic areas such as retail spaces, offices, healthcare facilities, and educational institutions.

    The installation and maintenance of Marmoleum Solid Cocoa are straightforward, making it a practical choice for commercial applications. It can be installed using various methods, including glue-down and loose-lay, providing flexibility to meet the specific requirements of each project. Routine cleaning and maintenance are effortless, requiring only regular sweeping and damp mopping, thanks to the product’s inherent stain resistance.

    Choose Marmoleum Solid Cocoa and embrace sustainable design without compromising on style or performance. With its natural-looking and contemporary texture, this flooring range adds a touch of elegance and uniqueness to any commercial space. Experience the beauty of innovative construction, the environmental benefits of waste reduction, and the lasting durability of Marmoleum. Elevate your commercial setting with Marmoleum Solid Cocoa and redefine the boundaries of sustainable flooring design.



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