Sisal Himalaya

  • Width: 4 Metre
  • Pile Content: 100% Sisal
  • Backing: natural latex backing
  • Use: suitable for heavy domestic use
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    Sisal Himalaya

    Welcome to the Sisal Himalaya Carpet Range from Fibre Flooring – an ode to the grandeur of the great outdoors and a celebration of natural beauty and resilience. Available exclusively in a 4m width, this carpet range is the embodiment of versatility, adding an organic touch to various parts of your home including living rooms, hallways, and stairs.

    The Sisal Himalaya Carpet is more than just a flooring solution – it’s a design statement. Woven from 100% sisal, it imbues your home with a rustic yet elegant aesthetic that is both striking and subtly nuanced. This natural carpet range is effortlessly pleasing to the eyes and provides an undeniable appeal that transcends passing trends.

    One of the standout features of this carpet range is its natural resistance to moths. This ensures the lasting beauty of your carpet, preserving its pristine appearance and protecting your investment. Furthermore, the Sisal Himalaya Carpet is designed with durability in mind. It stands up to heavy domestic use, proving itself as an ideal choice for high-traffic areas in your home.

    While aesthetics and durability are critical, so is comfort. That’s where the Sisal Himalaya Carpet truly excels. With its compatibility with underfloor heating, it offers an added layer of warmth during the cooler months, transforming your living spaces into cosy, inviting retreats.

    The Sisal Himalaya Carpet doesn’t stop at surface-level features. It goes deeper with its construction – boasting a natural latex backing that provides a sturdy and reliable base. This enhances the carpet’s overall durability and longevity, ensuring that it withstands the test of time and maintains its allure.

    This carpet provides a plush, comfortable underfoot experience that adds an element of indulgence to your everyday life. It elevates the overall ambience of your space, making every step a delight and contributing to a homely and comfortable environment.

    With this carpet, you aren’t just buying a product – you’re investing in a lifestyle, one that values natural materials, quality, and comfort. Dive into the world of Fibre Flooring with the Sisal Himalaya Carpet Range – the natural choice for a luxurious, comfortable, and welcoming home.


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