• Width: 4 Metre
  • Pile Content: 100% seagrass
  • Backing: natural latex backing
  • Use: suitable for heavy domestic use
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    Embrace the authentic allure of the outdoors with the Seagrass Carpet Range from Fibre Flooring. This unique carpet range, available exclusively in a 4m width, is perfect for areas within your home that demand both beauty and durability. From the living room to the hallway, and the staircase, the Seagrass Carpet infuses any room with a serene, organic charm.

    Crafted from 100% seagrass, the carpet’s aesthetic is warm, earthy, and comforting. It echoes the soft rustling of seagrass in the wind and the calming presence of nature. The material, seagrass, is renowned for its natural resilience and offers an impressive strength-to-weight ratio that ensures longevity.

    One of the unique features of this range is its natural resistance to moths. This innate characteristic provides an additional layer of durability, helping to maintain the carpet’s pristine look for a longer period, even in the face of heavy domestic use.

    Despite its robust nature, the Seagrass Carpet does not forgo comfort. With a thickness of 4mm, this carpet range provides a comforting underfoot experience. Each step is a gentle reminder of nature’s understated beauty and the reassuring solidity of earth underfoot.

    The carpet range boasts a natural latex backing, adding to its durability by providing a sturdy base. This backing ensures a secure, robust fit, enhancing the carpet’s ability to withstand wear and tear and increasing its lifespan.

    However, it’s essential to note that, while perfect for most domestic environments, is not suitable for underfloor heating. The natural composition of the seagrass responds best to traditional heating methods, ensuring its longevity and pristine appearance.

    Choose this carpet for a unique blend of organic elegance and robust durability. Its natural aesthetic transforms any room into a sanctuary, while its resilience ensures it stands the test of time.

    Immerse your home in the calming ambience of nature with the Seagrass Range. This carpet range embodies the tranquillity of a beach-side stroll, the rustle of seagrass in the wind, and the enduring strength of natural fibres. It’s more than a carpet – it’s an invitation to bring the serene beauty of the great outdoors into your living spaces. Experience this unique blend of style, comfort, and resilience – a natural choice for any discerning homeowner.


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