• Width: 3/4m
  • Wear Warranty: 15yr
  • Wear Layer: 0.4mm
  • Thickness: 3.8mm
  • Slip resistance: R11
  • Options


    Powertex Vinyl Flooring

    Introducing Powertex Vinyl Flooring with textile backing, a premium flooring solution that combines natural aesthetics with exceptional durability and slip resistance. This vinyl flooring is perfect for those who want a floor that looks great, is easy to install and maintain, and will last for many years.

    Powertex Vinyl Flooring is available in a width of 3 or 4 meters, making it a versatile option that can be installed in various spaces. The wear layer of 0.4mm and thickness of 3.8mm provide superior resistance to wear and tear. With a 15-year wear warranty, this flooring is built to last and withstand daily use.

    The natural look of Powertex Vinyl Flooring adds warmth and character to any room, while the slip-resistant properties provide added safety. With an R11 slip resistance rating, this flooring provides excellent grip underfoot, making it a safe option for wet or high-traffic areas.

    Installation of Powertex Vinyl is simple and easy, thanks to its easy install system that ensures a quick and hassle-free installation process. Cleaning this vinyl flooring is also easy, as it features an easy clean technology that requires only a damp cloth or mop.

    Powertex Vinyl Flooring with Textile backing is the perfect choice for those who want a floor that is not only beautiful but also eco-friendly. The textile backing makes this flooring 100% recyclable, which means that you can enjoy a beautiful and sustainable floor without harming the environment.

    In conclusion, Powertex Vinyl is an excellent choice for those who want a natural look with exceptional durability and slip resistance. With its easy installation, easy-to-clean surface, and eco-friendly properties, this vinyl flooring is perfect for any home. Whether you are renovating your kitchen, living room, or bathroom, Powertex Vinyl  is the perfect choice for you.


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