Original – High Pressure Floor

  • Dimensions: 1207 x 198mm
  • Thickness: 9 + 2 mm
  • Loc System: Glue-less aluminium locking system (AluLoc)
  • 20 Year Residential Warranty
  • 5 Year Commercial
  • Heavy Domestic and Very Heavy Commercial Use
  • Options


    Introducing the Original – High Pressure Floor range from Berry Alloc, a collection that takes you on a global adventure in style. With an impressive selection of 44 decors, this collection offers a wide variety of wood and stone designs, allowing you to find your favorite colour and texture. Whether you’re drawn to the warmth of natural wood or the sleekness of concrete, the Original collection has it all, bringing a unique and authentic look to both busy homes and businesses.

    The Original High Pressure Floors are crafted with high-quality materials and advanced technology. Each plank features high pressure decorative laminate, consisting of paper impregnated with melamine and phenol resins. This construction ensures exceptional durability and resistance to wear, making the floors suitable for heavy residential and very heavy commercial use.

    The dimensions of the Original High Pressure Floors are 1207 x 198 mm, providing a balanced and versatile plank size that fits well in various room sizes and layouts. The moderate width and length of the planks create a visually appealing aesthetic while maintaining ease of installation.

    With a total thickness of 9 + 2 mm, the Original High Pressure Floors offer substantial stability and durability. The additional 2 mm underlay provides enhanced sound insulation, making these floors ideal for areas where noise reduction is important, such as apartments or office spaces.

    Installing the Original High Pressure Floors is a breeze, thanks to the innovative glue-less aluminum locking system, AluLoc. This user-friendly locking system ensures a secure and seamless connection between planks, eliminating the need for adhesives or specialized tools. The result is a hassle-free installation process that saves time and effort.

    Berry Alloc is known for its commitment to quality and longevity. The Original High Pressure Floors range is backed by a 20-year residential warranty, providing assurance that your floors will maintain their beauty and performance for years to come. Additionally, a 5-year commercial warranty is included, making these floors suitable for commercial spaces with heavy foot traffic.

    The Original – High Pressure Floor collection offers a diverse range of designs, allowing you to create the perfect ambiance for your space. Whether you prefer the rustic charm of wood or the contemporary appeal of stone, you’ll find a decor that suits your style and aesthetic preferences.

    Elevate your interior with the Original High Pressure Floors range from Berry Alloc. Experience the authentic look and feel of natural materials combined with the durability and easy maintenance of laminate. With its 20-year residential warranty, 5-year commercial warranty, and suitability for heavy residential and very heavy commercial use, the Original collection is a reliable and stylish flooring solution for any space. Choose the Original High Pressure Floors and embark on a design journey that reflects your individuality and enhances your living or working environment.


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