Marbled Splash

  • Length Width ≤ 33 m 200 cm
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    Introducing the Marmoleum Marbled Splash range of Commercial Flooring – a captivating and modern design in Forbo’s Marmoleum portfolio. From a distance, Marmoleum Splash appears as a light grey with a subtle nuance in tone. However, upon closer inspection, this flooring reveals an overall light grey base with hints of surprising colours peeking through, adding an element of playfulness and intrigue.

    Marmoleum Splash is a versatile design that can be used as a standalone flooring option, creating a contemporary and vibrant atmosphere. It also serves as a connector between the more classic marbled and uni-patterned visuals in the Marmoleum collection. This allows for seamless transitions and creative combinations, enabling designers to achieve unique and cohesive flooring compositions.

    In addition to its visual appeal, Marmoleum Splash offers enhanced performance and acoustic benefits. All colours within the Splash range can be manufactured in a 3.5mm Marmoleum Decibel construction, providing an impressive 18 dB impact sound reduction. This specialized construction contributes to a quieter and more peaceful environment, making it suitable for spaces where noise control is a priority. Please note that this option is subject to a minimum order quantity and lead time. For more information and specific details, we encourage you to contact our customer services representative.

    Marmoleum Marbled Splash is not only visually striking but also environmentally friendly and sustainable. Made from natural and renewable ingredients such as linseed oil, wood flour, and jute, this flooring option reflects Forbo’s commitment to sustainability and responsible manufacturing practices. It is free from harmful chemicals and emissions, making it a healthier choice for both the occupants and the environment.

    Durability is a key feature of Marmoleum Splash. Its robust construction ensures that it can withstand the demands of high-traffic commercial areas, maintaining its stunning appearance and performance over time. With proper care and maintenance, Marmoleum Splash can provide years of reliable and visually appealing flooring performance.

    The installation process for Marmoleum Splash is straightforward and efficient, allowing for a hassle-free experience. Whether you are working on a small area or a large-scale project, Marmoleum Splash offers convenience and ease of handling, ensuring a smooth installation process.

    In summary, Marmoleum Marbled Splash Commercial Flooring is a captivating and modern option for commercial spaces. With its unique design featuring light grey tones and surprising pops of colour, it adds a playful and contemporary touch to any interior. The option for a 3.5mm Marmoleum Decibel construction enhances acoustic performance, while the use of natural and renewable materials reflects our commitment to sustainability. Choose Marmoleum Splash to make a bold and vibrant statement in your commercial flooring project.


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