Linear Striato

  • Length Width ≤ 33 m 200 cm
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    Introducing Marmoleum Linear Striato, a functional and durable linoleum flooring range that effortlessly combines timeless style with a natural touch. With its striated design reminiscent of wood, this range creates an inviting and comfortable atmosphere, allowing you to design spaces where you truly feel at home. This range not only adds aesthetic appeal but also serves as a subtle guiding and connecting element, seamlessly integrating different areas within a building.

    The striated design of Marmoleum Linear Striato offers a unique visual texture that exudes warmth and comfort. Inspired by the natural beauty of wood, this flooring range brings a touch of nature indoors, creating a soothing and inviting environment. The subtle striations not only enhance the visual appeal but also provide a soft and comfortable look, making any space feel welcoming and relaxing.

    One of the standout features of Marmoleum Linear Striato is its versatility in design. The different designs within this range can be easily combined, allowing for creative freedom and the ability to accentuate specific areas within a space. Whether you want to highlight a waiting area in a large lobby or create a playful corner in a classroom, the versatility of Marmoleum Linear Striato enables you to achieve your desired aesthetic and functional goals. This range offers great opportunities for customization and zoning, adding a dynamic and visually interesting dimension to your commercial space.

    In addition to its visual appeal, it is built to withstand the demands of high-traffic commercial environments. Its durable construction ensures long-lasting performance and reduces the need for frequent maintenance or replacement. The inherent qualities of linoleum, such as its resistance to wear, scratches, and staining, make Marmoleum Linear Striato a reliable choice for commercial spaces that require both functionality and style.

    Furthermore, Marmoleum Linear Striato is an environmentally friendly flooring option. Made from natural and renewable materials, including linseed oil, wood flour, and jute, Marmoleum contributes to a healthier indoor environment. It is free from harmful chemicals and emissions, ensuring a space that promotes well-being and sustainability.

    Create spaces with a natural touch and a comforting ambiance with Marmoleum Linear Striato. Its striated design and wood-inspired aesthetic provide a soft and comfortable look, while also acting as a subtle guiding element between different areas within a building. Explore the versatility of this range, combining designs to accentuate specific spaces and create unique focal points. Experience the durability, functionality, and timeless appeal of Marmoleum Linear Striato, and transform your commercial environment into a welcoming and harmonious space.



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