• Width: 4m, 5m
  • Thickness: 9mm
  • Tog Value: 1.49
  • Suitability: Class 21 Moderate Domestic
  • Material: 100% Carefree PP
  • Backing: Uni-bac
  • Options


    Introducing the Iona carpet range from Furlong Flooring, a cost-effective twist carpet designed to add a touch of luxury to your living spaces. With its lush Uni-backing and easy-care, bleach cleanable fibres, Iona offers both style and practicality. Available in 10 fresh and trendy colours, this carpet range provides the perfect finishing touch to any room in your home.

    Iona is equipped with several features that make it a desirable choice for homeowners. The bleach cleanable attribute allows you to effortlessly remove stains and spills, ensuring that your carpet remains clean and vibrant for years to come. This easy-clean feature saves you time and effort in maintenance, making Iona a convenient option for busy households.

    The Iona carpet range is also compatible with underfloor heating systems, providing a cozy and comfortable environment in your home. The carpet allows heat to flow efficiently, ensuring consistent warmth throughout the room. This feature enhances the overall comfort and functionality of your living spaces, particularly during colder seasons.

    In addition to its practical benefits, Iona is designed to resist moths, offering protection against potential damage to your carpet. This feature ensures the longevity and durability of your investment, providing peace of mind and assurance of the carpet’s quality.

    The Uni-backing of Iona further enhances its durability and stability. This backing provides a strong foundation for the carpet, ensuring that it maintains its shape and integrity over time. The Uni-bac construction offers reliable performance and contributes to the longevity of the carpet.

    For your peace of mind, the Iona carpet range comes with a 7-year residential warranty. This warranty reflects the manufacturer’s confidence in the carpet’s quality and performance, guaranteeing your satisfaction and long-term enjoyment of your flooring.

    The Iona carpet range is available in widths of 4 meters and 5 meters, providing versatility and convenience for different room sizes and layouts. It has a thickness of 9mm, offering a comfortable and cushioned feel underfoot. The tog value of 1.49 indicates its insulation properties, helping to retain warmth and create a cozy atmosphere in your home.

    Iona is classified as Class 21, indicating its suitability for moderate domestic use. This classification ensures that the carpet is designed to withstand everyday wear and tear, maintaining its appearance and performance over time.

    Experience the affordability, style, and practicality of the Iona carpet range from Furlong Flooring. Choose from a range of 10 fresh and on-trend colours to complement your interior design. With its easy-care fibres, bleach cleanability, and Uni-backing, Iona offers a durable and visually appealing flooring solution for your home.


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