• With natural materials
  • Durable and easy-care
  • Improves room climate
  • Effectively reduces fine dust in indoor air
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Reduces noise and echo
  • Frayproof (won't unravel or fray)
  • Options


    Introducing the Interland Range from Tretford Commercial Carpets – a timeless collection of continuous carpeting crafted for those who appreciate the beauty of renewable materials, exquisite colours, comfort, and uncompromising quality. With its exceptional characteristics, the Interland Range is perfect for individuals who prioritise health, well-being, and a sustainable lifestyle. Whether you are renovating your home or creating a cozy living space, Tretford Interland is the ideal carpeting choice.

    The Interland Range is made of a unique blend of 80% Cashmere goat hair and 20% wool. This combination not only showcases the natural beauty and versatility of these materials but also ensures outstanding durability and longevity. By using renewable resources, Tretford demonstrates its commitment to environmental responsibility, allowing you to enjoy the comfort and aesthetic appeal of the Interland Range with a clear conscience.

    Maintaining the Interland Range is a breeze, thanks to its low-maintenance and easy-care properties. Regular vacuuming and occasional spot cleaning are all that’s needed to keep your carpet looking fresh and vibrant. With its robust construction and frayproof design, the Interland Range remains resilient over time, providing you with a long-lasting carpet that retains its attractive appearance even in high-traffic areas.

    In addition to its practical features, the Interland Range also contributes to a good indoor climate. By utilizing natural materials, this carpeting helps improve the overall air quality in your home. Its ability to effectively reduce fine dust particles in the indoor air creates a healthier environment for you and your loved ones, promoting better respiratory health and overall well-being.

    The Interland Range is designed to reduce noise and echo, creating a serene and tranquil atmosphere within your living spaces. Whether you’re enjoying a peaceful evening at home or hosting guests, the exceptional sound insulation of the Interland Range ensures a quieter and more comfortable environment.

    With its environmentally friendly composition and sustainable production process, the Interland Range aligns with your commitment to a greener lifestyle. By choosing this carpeting, you contribute to the preservation of our planet’s resources and reduce your carbon footprint, making a positive impact on the environment.

    In summary, Tretford Commercial Carpets offers a harmonious blend of natural materials, durability, easy maintenance, and environmental consciousness. Crafted from a unique combination of Cashmere goat hair and wool, this carpeting provides a timeless aesthetic and exceptional comfort. Its ability to improve room climate and reduce fine dust in the air contributes to a healthier indoor environment. With its frayproof design and outstanding sound insulation, this range is the perfect choice for residential spaces where quality, beauty, and sustainability are paramount. Elevate your living experience and indulge in the luxury of renewable materials and enduring style.



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