iD Click Ultimate 30

  • Ultimate resistance to scuffs, scratches and stains
  • 0.30mm wear layer
  • Total thickness 5.50 mm
  • Ultimate acoustic comfort, up to 19dB
  • Install directly over most existing floorings
  • Options


    Introducing the iD Click Ultimate 30 Collection from Tarkett Flooring, a revolutionary line of rigid surface flooring that combines the beauty and durability of wood and stone with the advantages of luxury vinyl tiles. With its unrivaled natural designs, ultra matt TEKTANIUM™ finish, and ultimate resistance to scuffs, scratches, and stains, iD Click Ultimate 30 is the pinnacle of elegance and functionality.

    One of the standout features is its ease of installation. It can be effortlessly installed on almost any surface, including ceramic tiles, making it a versatile choice for a wide range of projects. This allows you to deliver perfect installations and meet your clients’ requirements in minimum time, saving both time and effort.

    Tarkett’s proprietary TEKTANIUM™ PU coating sets iD Click Ultimate 30 apart from the competition. This coating not only enhances the flooring’s ultra matt finish, making it visually appealing, but also ensures easy maintenance and provides unparalleled protection against wear and tear. The result is a stunning floor that retains its beauty and integrity for years to come.

    In addition to its visual and maintenance benefits, iD Click Ultimate 30 offers exceptional acoustic comfort. The Soundblock acoustic backing significantly reduces harsh heel-to-floor sounds, creating a peaceful environment that promotes relaxation and tranquility. The flooring’s acoustic properties can reduce noise levels by up to 19dB, making it an ideal choice for residential and commercial spaces where noise reduction is crucial.

    iD Click Ultimate 30 is available in two formats, tile and plank, and offers an impressive selection of 22 designs. Whether you prefer the timeless charm of wood or the sophisticated allure of stone, this collection has something to suit every taste and interior style. The modular format of luxury vinyl tiles provides endless layout possibilities, allowing you to create unique and personalized spaces.

    When it comes to sustainability, Ultimate 30 shines. Made in Europe with a focus on reducing CO2 emissions, this flooring is an eco-friendly choice that helps protect the environment. Furthermore, it is recyclable through Tarkett’s ReStart® program, ensuring that at the end of its life cycle, the materials can be reused or repurposed, minimizing waste and promoting a circular economy.

    In terms of technical specifications, Ultimate 30 belongs to the category of heterogeneous poly(vinyl chloride) floor coverings. It boasts a domestic classification of 23 Heavy, indicating its superior performance in residential settings, and a commercial classification of 31 Moderate, making it suitable for various commercial applications. With a total thickness of 5.50 mm and a wear layer thickness of 0.30 mm, this flooring offers durability and longevity, even in high-traffic areas.

    Flooring becomes a playground with the iD Click Ultimate 30 Collection. With its luxurious aesthetics, easy installation options, superior protection, and acoustic comfort, this line of luxury vinyl tiles elevates any space, transforming it into a masterpiece of style and functionality. Explore the possibilities and experience the unmatched quality of iD Click Ultimate 30 from Tarkett Flooring.


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