• Manufacturer tested for water-resistance up to 72 hours
  • Water resistant with an Aqua pearl system 
  • Aqua pearl CLICK SYSTEM
  • HDF Grey high density core board
  • Antibacterial 
  • Child / Pet Friendly
  • Wet / Steam moppable 
  • Options


    Introducing the Evolution Laminate Flooring Range by Signature Floors. This collection perfectly emulates the beauty and texture of solid wood flooring, providing an authentic and luxurious experience underfoot. Engineered with exceptional resilience and durability, the Evolution range offers impressive abrasion, scratch, and impact resistance, as well as colour fastness and antistatic properties. Crafted from sustainably sourced natural materials and produced to strict European standards, this collection represents the pinnacle of modern laminate flooring while maintaining a strong commitment to environmental sustainability.

    Compared to traditional hardwood floors, Signature’s Evolution Laminate Flooring Range offers an excellent price-to-performance ratio. Not only is it more affordable, but it also requires minimal care and maintenance, making it a practical choice for any household. The range features the innovative Aqua Pearl click system and Aquastop technology, ensuring enhanced water resistance. With this built-in protection, Evolution can withstand water for up to 72 hours, expanding its suitability for use in various areas of the home, including kitchens and bathrooms.

    The Evolution Laminate Flooring Range boasts numerous benefits. It has been thoroughly tested by the manufacturer and proven to resist water for up to 72 hours, instilling confidence in its performance in moisture-prone environments. The Aqua Pearl system enhances water resistance, making it ideal for areas where spills are common. The collection is easy to install, thanks to the Aqua Pearl click system, saving time and effort during installation. With an HDF Grey high-density core board, Evolution ensures outstanding stability and durability.

    Furthermore, the Evolution range is designed to be antibacterial, creating a clean and hygienic environment. It is also child and pet-friendly, providing a safe and comfortable surface for little ones to play on. Additionally, the collection is wet and steam moppable, simplifying cleaning and maintenance routines. With the Evolution Laminate Flooring Range, you can enjoy the timeless beauty of natural wood, coupled with exceptional performance, sustainability, and convenience.

    Discover the Evolution Laminate Flooring Range by Signature Floors and embrace a flooring solution that combines the elegance of solid wood with the practicality of laminate. Achieve a stunning aesthetic, remarkable durability, and water resistance that ensures peace of mind. With its environmentally conscious production and ease of care, Evolution elevates your space to new heights of sophistication and functionality.


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