Black Slate Tiles

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  • Suitable for Underfloor Heating
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    Introducing Black Slate Tiles Design from Luvanto Flooring: Embrace the timeless allure of our Black Slate tiles, emanating a classic look that exudes power and definition. To enhance the overall aesthetic, we highly recommend selecting a contrasting colour from our design strips range to complement your Black Slate floor tiles. This combination will create clean and crisp lines, with clear and distinctive borders, elevating the visual impact of your space.

    While the versatility of Black Slate makes it suitable for any room in your home, it finds its perfect match in the kitchen or bathroom. Black slate tiles possess a clinical and pristine aura, making them an ideal choice for these areas. Their ability to radiate an air of sophistication and cleanliness adds a powerful foundation to the overall design of any room.

    Luvanto Design represents the pinnacle of luxury vinyl tile (LVT), requiring professional installation to ensure exceptional results. Crafted with utmost stability, strength, and durability, this flooring solution withstands the rigors of temperature changes, making it a safe option for areas like conservatories or in front of large glass panelled doors (when installed with the recommended adhesive). Rest assured, your floor will maintain its pristine appearance for many years to come.

    Unleash your creativity with our Luvanto Design range, offering unparalleled flexibility to create bespoke patterns and designs. Take advantage of our design strips to craft elaborate borders and captivating effects, adding a touch of individuality to your space. For those seeking extraordinary design options, Luvanto Design Herringbone offers a selection of differently-sized planks, enabling breathtaking effects like basketweave and parquet patterns. Moreover, this range exhibits minimal shrinkage or expansion compared to laminate flooring, ensuring its compatibility with underfloor heating systems—a perfect addition to your bathroom or living room floor.

    Indulge in the powerful elegance of Black Slate Tiles Design from Luvanto Flooring. With its captivating aesthetics, durability, and versatility, this flooring choice is certain to make a bold statement in your home. Transform your space into a haven of sophistication and embrace the enduring beauty of Black Slate.


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